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Welcome to the Skinify API!

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Response Structure

Responses for all endpoints are in JSON format.

Successful API calls contain {"status":"success"} at the root in the response body.

Responses for failed requests will have the error status and contain more details on the error: {"status":"error", "error_message":"some_error"}


All endpoints require a Merchant API access token. Visit project settings to obtain it.

The access token should be included in all API requests as a "Token" HTTP header. For GET requests the token must be included as a query parameter `token`.

Token: sometesttoken

The access token should only be stored in a secure place, where it cannot be accessed by others.

Limiting the number of requests

Our system has a limit of 300 requests to the server per minute. If this limit is exceeded, there will be a small blocking and the status from the server will be as follows: {"status":"error", "error_message":"request_limit_exceeded"}

Transaction flow

1. User clicks the link (button) "Pay By Steam Skins"
2. Website generates a request to Skinify and returns payment link
3. Website redirects user to Skinify payment link
4. User chooses the skins from his inventory, confirms the trade. After the successful trade, your site will receive an IPN with the amount of skins. The amount will also be added to the merchant account on Skinify and can be withdrawn.