We are ready to answer any of your questions.
1. How it works?
  • 1. On our website, you select game items from your inventory that you want to pay with.
  • 2. In a few seconds, our bot will send you an trade on the Steam site.
  • 3. You confirm the trade and your account on the third-party site is credited.
2. I accepted the trade, but I did not receive money on a third-party site
1. Make sure to transfer your game items to us.
2. Check if your Steam account has been hacked. More details...
3. If, nevertheless, the items were accepted by our bot, and you saw the message "Successful payment", then contact support to a third-party site, or write to us..
3. What does "Trading not available" mean?
Your account is not available for trade and we will not be able to accept game items from you. You may not have enabled Mobile Steam Guard or other restrictions apply. Read More...
4. Why are you pricing game items so cheap?
Unfortunately, we cannot accept items at the price of the Steam marketplace, since money cannot be withdrawn from Steam, this is a virtual currency that has nothing to do with real money. Real money can only be obtained by selling items on external marketplaces. Our price is directly related to the price on these sites. We do not charge users any commission.
5. Why are some of my game items not accepted?
We redeem almost all game items over $0.1. Some items are not accepted due to their unpopularity on external marketplaces.
6. Why can't I see all of my game items?
We only show in the inventory on the site those game items that we can accept: they must be tradable and must meet our conditions.
7. Minimum deposit amount
The minimum deposit amount for CS:GO is $1, for Dota 2 - $0.5.
8. I have not found an answer to my question
Contact us, we will be happy to answer any question you may have.
9. I found a bug!
Let us know, we will pay you a fee.